Facilities and Infrastructure

The college being newly established is committed for better infrastructure and facilities for the students and staff to provide the better knowledge.

Class Rooms - The college has got well equipped and sufficient number of class rooms and separate tutorial rooms.

Library - There are over 190 titles and over 7000 volumes of various Engineering and non-engineering books in the libraries which cater the needs of students. Besides this reading room facility has been created for students.

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Computer Centre - The institution has a computer lab of 150 sq. m

Seminar Hall - A seminar hall of over 200sq.m


Civil Engineering
1. Surveying lab
2. Concrete Technology Lab
3. Water supply Lab

Electrical Engineering
1. Machine Lab.
2. Digital Electronics & Microprocessor Lab
3. Electrical Workshop

General Workshop
1. Carpentry Shop
2. Sheet Metal Shop
3. Welding Shop
4. Fitting and Plumbing Shop

Carpentry Workshop
Surveying & Measurements by Students
Surveying & Measurements by Students

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